Testim October Product Summary: Group usage, email scheduler, mobile web pilot program

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We work hard to improve the functionality and usability of our autonomous testing platform, constantly adding new features. Our sprints are weekly with minor updates being released sometimes every day, so a lot is added over the course of a month. We share updates by email and social media but wanted to provide a monthly recap of the month’s latests enhancements, summarizing the big and small things we delivered to improve your success with the Testim. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Customers have access to these feature now, check it out and let us know what you think. If you’re not a customer, sign up for a free trial to experience autonomous testing.

Group Usage Across Tests

What is it?

Groups allow you to create reuseable flows instead of rewriting them again and again. Group usage allows you to quickly filter the tests that are using a specific group.

Why should I care?  

Whether you make changes to a specific group or have a number of tests that failed and want to trace the commonality among them, group usage allows you to quickly filter the relevant tests as well as their results. This feature has been sought out by a large number of our customers and is already getting love from some our of our users. Read more here

Scheduler –  Email Notifications

What is is?

Easily schedule tests to run on nightly build, or monitor your production app, make sure you’re notified when it fails.

Why should I care?

Plan your schedule and choose your use case:

  • Monitor – Will run the tests on a set interval. Use this option to monitor the health of your application and alert when your service is down.
  • Nightly run – Schedule the tests to run at certain days of the week and time of day. Use this option to automatically trigger test runs such as nightly regression. By the morning you’ll have an email linking to the failed test results.

Read the docs to learn more

Email Scheduler
Email Scheduler

Mobile Web Pilot Program

What is it?

Testim now supports the authoring and execution of tests for mobile web.

Why should I care?  

The number of mobile devices has suppressed the number of desktop computers. We all consume content through our mobile devices and users expect your application to provide superior experience regardless of the medium. Responsive websites look and behave differently than desktop hence require different tests.

We are currently operating a closed beta for a selected number of customers. Reach out to your Testim representative if you are interested in taking part in the program.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new features. Please share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

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