Testim November Product Summary: Test Reruns, Improved Reuse, Mobile Web

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We work hard to improve the functionality and usability of our autonomous testing platform, constantly adding new features. Our sprints are weekly with minor updates being released sometimes every day, so a lot is added over the course of a month. We share updates by email and social media but wanted to provide a monthly recap of the month’s latests enhancements, summarizing the big and small things we delivered to improve your success with the Testim.

Test Reruns

What is it?

An easy and fast way to rerun a test with the exact parameters used in another run.

Why should I care?

When running large suites, many times you want to rerun a smaller subset of those tests that failed. Since tests fail for a number of reasons, this new capability allows you to test temporary errors or fixes. Reruns let you run a test with the same parameters as a previous test run with a click of a button. This will include all dynamic parameters, from the CLI, Test Data, and parameters exported from tests that ran before this one (via exportsGlobal). Learn more

test suite rerun

To Reuse or not to Reuse

What is is?

Reusing actions is one of the basic principles of programming. Testim always supported reuse, and now we push toward even more developer best practices. For every new group, API call, or custom code step that you create, Testim will prompt you for a (meaningful) name, and whether you would like to make this step shareable or not.

Why should I care?

This feature will save you time since you can author the test once and call it to be used in any suite of tests. This makes it faster to author tests when making changes to a shared group, but do not want it to affect other tests in the suite. You can find more information on Reuse in our docs

test reuse

Mobile Web

What is it?
Testim now supports the authoring and execution of tests for mobile web.

Why should I care?  
The number of mobile devices has suppressed the number of desktop computers. We all consume content through our mobile devices and users expect your application to provide superior experience regardless of the medium. Responsive websites look and behave differently than desktop hence require different tests. Learn more

mobile web

Customers have access to these features now. Check it out and let us know what you think. If you’re not a customer, sign up for a free trial to experience autonomous testing. We’d love to hear what you think of the new features. Please share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

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