Thank you to everyone who participated in the Selenium Testing your Kubernetes apps with Machine Learning and Testim webinar hosted by Codefresh. We had a fantastic turnout with lots of solid questions from the audience. If you missed the live event, don’t worry…

You can watch the recorded session anytime and for code examples, please see Codefresh’s recap post here.

Dan Garfield, VP of Marketing at Codefresh and Oren Rubin, CEO of Testim discussed how machine learning, Kubernetes pipelines, and Testim can make test creation painless and easy to accomplish.

They covered how to:

  • add UI testing to your software delivery pipeline
  • stand up an environment
  • create tests that scale
  • Overcome the challenges of UI/E2E testing

Some of the audience questions they answered during the live event:

  • Why I should prefer Codefresh over Spinnaker?
  • Could you please talk a little bit more about snapshotting production data and bring it into test?
  • How did the AI assign relevance to different parameters from a single run?

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