DevOps Discussions with Jake Kaldenbaugh – Part 2 of 3 video series

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Last week we released the first video in our three part series with Jake Kaldenbaugh, Strategic Exit (M&A) Advisor at GrowthPoint Technology Partners. In the first video Jake answered questions around players in the DevOps space, the constant evolution of software and the vast growth in mobile. Checkout the first video in the series.

In the second part of the interview Jake covers:

  • CA’s, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Atlassian DevOps strategies
  • The sale of HPs impact on the industry
  • Testing’s role in continuous delivery

About GrowthPoint Technology Partners

GrowthPoint Technology Partners is an emerging growth investment banking boutique that helps growing technology firms with great technology create strategic value. Our team identifies leading companies in the areas of data, analytics, infrastructure, virtualization, security and systems management and helps lead them through successful value realization strategies that enable entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their best results.

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